Getting off your soapbox

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Getting off your soapbox

We like to promote good, vigorous discussions, but we sometimes let vigor overtake the discussion, we move from argument to argumentative, from disagreement to disagreeableness.

So how can we check this? And what topics you'd like to see us cover in the future?


What are some guidelines for good discussion?

What are some signals that good discussion has dissolved to dogma, ideology, preaching, proseletyzing, pushing?

What are the topics on which you tend to get a little hot under the collar about (read: dogmatic, ideological, preachy, etc?)

What topics would people like us to talk about in the futre? (Maybe make a list and post it to Mewe!)

Heumer has some great thoughts on how to have a great debate. Which ones do you tend to violate?

Dennett's seven tips on thinking. Which ones do you find hard to do?

Bertrand Russell's waxing lyrically on the solution to fanaticism, and the presentation of his liberal decalogue (NYT 1951)


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