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Lying is wrong, right?

Do we have someone who wishes to argue the affirmative ("lying is wrong")? And someone for the negative? You will get three to five minutes at the beginning of the session to present your argument.


Lying is, and always is wrong, for me and for others. Can't go there? Kant did! Here's some information about Kant and his notion of the categorical imperative. (video ~10')

Thought experiments
1. Should we lie to save someone's life?
- 1.1. Is it lying if we refuse to disclose requested information?
- 1.2. Is it lying if we do not disclose information the other party might consider pertinent? Is it a lie if we omit certain information?

2. Is it justified to lie if someone asks if their behind looks enormous in this outfit?

3. Is it justified to lie to social media, websites and vendors who do not "need" to know all the information that they ask?

What is a white lie vs a serious lie? What is bullshit vs a lie? Should different moral standards apply to white lies, bullshit and lies?

Frankfurt's essay on bullshit

Frankfurt in interview   
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