Black & White thinking

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Black & White thinking

The problem with the world is quite simple. It is that those with views opposed to mine are wrong!

And so, we turn to the problem of black & white or binary thinking.

Now of course, you don't engage in black & white thinking, do you? ("Always" or "Never" are the only responses allowed!)

What are your thoughts on how we should deal with / respond to terrorists, pedophiles, mass murderers, someone who hurts you or your family, Aboriginals, Muslims, asylum seekers, immigrants, welfare cheats, etc?

If any of these issues sparked a passion in you, then you probably experienced black & white thinking. And you might notice that it is often wrapped up with goodies vs baddies, or more simply "us" vs "them".

Black and white thinking is easy. We can do it without even thinking. In fact, that is precisely how we do it!


Is black and white thinking real or a myth? Is the world binary, or is it just our thinking that makes it so?

To take one specific issue relating to parental contact with children in family law in Australia, do the defenders of mothers or the defenders of fathers have it right? What does the middle ground look like?

Are we encouraged to see the world as binary, or is it a feature of human nature? Is the world becoming more polarised or is it simply becoming more aware of black & white thinking?

How might we resist the false dichotomy (dilemma) fallacy? How do we resist the identity politics/social justice warrior agenda that if you are not part of the solution, you are a part of the problem?


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