What is the self? Is there a self?

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What is the self? Is there a self?


Descartes famously Declared "I think, therefore I am." 

Purpose is okay he? Has he not simply shown the existence of thought. Where is the proof of the subject in this sentence, the "I"? 

How can I Prove That "I" exist? The self is only available subjectively, and by definition, only to me. 

And Even Then, what is this self That I think I detect? Sure, I have perceptions, feelings, ideas, purpose I can not detect Any self (as Hume argued). 

The self Seems pretty elusive. Perhaps it is nothing more than a building, a projection - the container That holds my perceptions, feelings, ideas. 

So the topic for debate this week Is That "there is no self." 

Any takers for three to five minutes at the start to defend Their position, one for yes,

(And For Those suspicious Who we are descending into a nihlistic pit of despair, fear not! We will tackle the topic of how to REMAIN upbeat in a World Where organization & Design Emerges from nothing, and the self does not exist in a weekend gold two) 


Buddhism and Hinduism are proponents of anatman, the no-self. 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anatman_(Hinduism )

In neurophysiology, the network is thought to be fashionable default the seat of the self / consciousness. 

Sam Harris arguing que la self is an illusion (video, 6'48 ") https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fajfkO_X0l0

A Contrary View que la self is live and well! 


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